RAF Museum August 28, 2014 | 01:37 am

When traveling through England’s West Midlands, a city to stop on your journey is the city of Birmingham. It is the second largest city in England next to London in terms of population, not counting the tourists that travel to this city every year. Accommodations are available with all of the Premier Inn hotels in Birmingham having a steady number of both vacancies and reservations available.

Also located here are many local attraction in and around Birmingham. The newest addition to the area is the Millennium Center, which demonstrates the applications of 21st century technology. And lets not forget the views from the Millennium Tower. For those tourists who have a taste for something more historical, Blakesley Hall built in the late 1500′s has been preserved as a national heritage site. Located outside of Birmingham is the RAF Museum which has restored aircraft from World War II. All of these attractions are open to the public year round and are motivation enough to come to the United Kingdom. Do enjoy your stay here in the U.K.