An Heir and a Spare April 3, 2015 | 10:39 am

There’s nothing like extreme winter weather to convince one that duplicate sets of everything should be brought along when venturing out of doors. The aftermath of last week’s blizzard would be a good example. A hapless would be shopper pulled up in front of a grocery store to buy some much needed supplies. She pulled her car key (lacking a key ring) out of the car’s ignition. The key slipped from her hand and sailed into the recesses of the vehicle. It was her only one, of course. Snow began falling onto her windshield. Workman on the store roof were pushing snow off of it. Move the car at once, the driver was told, or suffer a cracked windshield. Superman was not available on that frigid day, but fortunately a long fingered store employee was. The windshield was saved, and the lesson of an extra car key taught yet again.

My New Door and Privacy February 1, 2015 | 09:11 am

I just purchased a gorgeous new front door for my house. It has really transformed the curb appeal of my home, but there was a problem I hadn’t expected. When I bought the new door, I loved the windows framing the door. I was so excited because of all of the light that I could let into the house with this door. Once the door was installed, I felt awkward because anyone strolling by could see into my home.

I was unsure of what to do, so I started looking for ways to cover the windows, but I didn’t really want to cover them. I tried putting a film over the windows and hated that. Then, I had custom blinds Manchester cut to cover the windows. These are perfect. I can close them when I want privacy and open them when I need the extra light in my foyer. I get the best of both worlds.

Cosmetics Artist in Local Drama January 15, 2015 | 03:18 am

If you like to work with cosmetics, you may be interested in working as a wedding makeup artist Manchester in local drama clubs or organizations. Helping actors apply stage makeup is fun and interesting. You can do it for either paid work or as a hobby.

Check out the necessary supplies at a drama shop, or you can order them online. Study a few techniques online or through the library and consider getting some practice with supportive friends. For a small investment amount you can become a cosmetic professional that everyone will turn to not only for drama productions, but also special events like proms, weddings, and anniversary celebrations.

With some foundation, eye shadow and liner, and lipstick you can start designing the faces that will be remembered for beauty and originality. As your reputation expands, more work may come your way. Start now to pursue the job of your dreams.

You rang? January 14, 2015 | 09:43 am

Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, RING-A-LING?! As I am sitting in my friends home enjoying a sunny afternoon, and great conversation, I hear the phone ring over and over again in the background. The first time this happens I just assume she doesn’t want to interrupt our talking so lets it go to the answering machine. But just seconds later the phone rings again and she acts like she doesn’t even hear it. Again, I assume she is just being polite so I don’t say anything. But when that ring-a-ling happens for a third time, I ever so gently ask, “Did you need to get that call”? WOW! I did not expect the outburst that came after that from my friend. She let me know loud and clear that she does not need a hearing aid and that I should not be accusing her of not being able to hear. After a few minutes of back and forth, I settled into the idea that she is not aware, or is in denial, of her loss of hearing. In the future I will just keep quiet, and subtly leave her some information about getting hearing aids Stockport!

Basketball Hoop December 2, 2014 | 08:24 am

For the past few years, my children begged me daily for a basketball hoop. I tried over and over again to explain to them that they will be disappointed if they get one for the driveway. I had enough of the begging, so I purchased the basketball hoop. After having it installed in the driveway, I waited. Much to my surprise, they had no problem at all. This entire time I thought that our driveway would be a problem. It turns out that the kids are quite happy with the way the ball bounces on our pea gravel driveway. It adds an extra challenge to their basketball games that they like. Who knew that a smooth basketball court is so overrated? It turns out that my kids will play basketball regardless of where and how it is played. Since they enjoy it so much, I regret not getting them a basketball hoop sooner.

Kinko’s name game October 27, 2014 | 09:25 am

After 30 years of fretting over making his company solvent, selling stuff like NCR books, Kinko’s founder Paul Orfalea retired as chairman of the board.

The irrepressible Orfalea also wanted to set the record straight on one aspect of Kinko’s lore.

That is to say that the Kinko’s name emanated from his nickname.

“I’ve never told anybody this story before,” Orfalea said. “I never told anybody because I just thought of it now.

”This is how I got the nickname.

Orfalea continued: “I had a roadside vegetable stand in Pasadena where we sold corn. I worked my way through college with that vegetable stand. They used to call me Kink Head in college because of my kinky hair; either Kink or Head.

“People would come by the stand and ask, ‘What kind of corn is this?’” Orfalea continued. “We didn’t know. So my friend said this is Kinko’s corn.”